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I regard the practice of psychotherapy as a privilege and take what I do seriously. My work is guided by a set of values that have come to be central to who I am, both personally and professionally.

Coming to psychotherapy and sharing yourself, perhaps your most private self, is courageous no matter how you get here or how long you stay. It is a step that few people want to take but, in doing so, you earn my respect. I also deeply respect your right to perceive yourself, your life experiences and even me in your own, unique way, as well as to make your own decisions and choices and, ultimately, to author your own story. This means that you do not have to please me, rather that I want you to feel safe enough to risk being fully yourself.

Psychotherapy requires time, money and the willingness to be vulnerable. If you are to get a return on your investment, I believe I have to do my part, too. This includes my on-going commitment to participate in trainings and study groups with senior clinicians, to remain current on relevant psychological theory and research and to receive regular peer and professional supervision. Additionally, I believe consistent self-care is necessary to keep the instrument of myself well-tuned so that I can really show up for you.

For psychotherapy to work, there must be a foundation of trust between us. This is contingent on your sense of safety with me, which may take some time and, ideally, will occur organically as you risk sharing your thoughts, feelings and needs. Having the courage to say what has never been said before, to experience previously buried feelings or to express your deepest needs powers the healing process like nothing else. These transformational moments are what I aim for and what research says underlies all long-lasting change.